my work is influenced by the way perceptions of even the most universal and ubiquitous objects can change drastically depending on one’s own social, cultural, political, and geographical perspective.  i use various methods, materials, and technology to agitate and reorganize a multitude of objects, with the intention of forming a less passive relationship between people and their environment. 

much of my recent work results from a compulsion to form relationships between disparate objects, and to explore an object’s potential for acquiring new meaning and implicative power when it is placed into a seemingly incongruous context along with other dissimilar objects. associations are made between items that are found, imagined, or appropriated from any possible source, some of which are subtly altered in order to inject them with new meaning. as these objects accumulate, hidden connections become apparent. eventually, a common theme or narrative emerges, guiding the rest of the selection process. a string of elements is then edited, focused, and finally printed into a concise statement. 

this method counteracts the natural tendency to comprehend any given subject by narrowing our focus and relegating to the periphery that which is assumed to be irrelevant. instead, these works seek to widen our focus in the interest of achieving a more holistic view, and to acknowledge the common connection of all things. by pulling these objects out of their pigeonholes and placing them into an unfamiliar context along with other carefully selected objects, i aim to present them anew as individual parts of a collective whole.

in the ‘parallelograph’ series, i have expanded this process into a sculptural format. by printing onto multiple layers of plexiglas, i can elicit more physically dynamic interactions among a string of elements, while exploiting aspects of transparency and parallactic effect. clear plexiglas is used to create the effect that the composition exists independent of a substrate, emphasizing it as the material end result of an immaterial thought process.